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Parish Festival

37th Annual St. Thomas More Parish Festival - Together As One

“Wow! Look at the new stage lights!” 

“Fr. Pat really took care of the weather this weekend!”

“Did you try the hot wings or fish tacos?”

“The round tables gave us so much room.”

Those are only a FEW of the positive comments heard after this year’s festival.  Of course I cannot agree more with the statements!  The 37th Annual STM Festival was also the culmination of a year of hard work, coordination and planning with numerous people that were integral to the process….oh, and it really was loads of FUN!  The committee has the pleasure of working with so many people throughout the planning and execution of the 2018 Festival – it was a united team that helped to bring you “Together As One.”  If you feel the calling to be part of the festival committee or serve as a booth chair, please let a festival committee member know.  We are always looking to grow the festival committee. 

An event of this size cannot contribute its success to the team behind it.  The committee relies on booth chairs and volunteers to make the festival run.  This year, two individuals went above and beyond to help out and received the Chairman’s Award: Crystal Hebert and Mike Buchart.  Both Crystal and Mike were invaluable to the success of the weekend.

We hope that the few changes this year enhanced the festival experience for you and your family!  The main enhancements included stage lighting, round tables, and the online store.  Our food booths were inventive this year with new menu items that we are already looking forward to next year.  Together As One, our 2018 STM Festival had a record-breaking year making it the highest grossing festival in history – only because of each of you. 

On behalf of the 2018 STM Festival Committee, I want to also acknowledge the generous financial sponsors and many businesses that contributed in-kind products and/or services to the STM Festival.  Special thanks to the finance committee, staff, council members and others that all helped to coordinate the on-site management of the event.  Last, and certainly not least, the Committee and I extend our deepest thanks and offer gratitude to the amazing volunteers (from booth chair to shift worker) for generously contributing their time and talents.  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful community and church parish! 


Sincerely & one final time,

Stephen Calandro, Festival Chairman

Trey Truitt, Chairman